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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The owners of Wally’s Square Root café told me the other day while I was brunching at their place that they noticed I, along with Clinton Hill Blog and Clinton Hill Foodie, had stopped blogging. I replied: “Actually I never stopped blogging. It’s just that I switched to “micro-blogging” ahem… tweeting.”

Too bad I never got around to posting about this switch. But it is never too late. So yes, please refer to @myrtleshuffle on Twitter from here on. It also feeds live to this blog at the bottom left.

See you around the hood!

Just so you know, philosophically I am now at a different place than when I started this blog. Whereas new restaurants were exciting to me a few years ago, now as the neighborhood looks and feels increasingly more like Manhattan, they sometimes make me nostalgic for the way things used to be. So I’ve decided to post more about the things that do not cost money and less about the stuff that might give folks considering moving to the new trendy hood but who only care about “amenities” the wrong kind of idea about the soul of Fort Greene. In other words: I would rather no longer contribute to the cultural carnage that has slowly taken place in Fort Greene over the twelve or so years that I have lived here and therefore I no longer post exclusively about the things I do here that happen to cost money.

Also, as I feel more and more bored by Fort Greene’s boilerplate Mcmakeover, I am increasingly hanging out everywhere else in Brooklyn that reminds me of the old Fort Greene: Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Flatbush. Hope you enjoy the ride if you choose to come along.