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Il Porto is the new italian restaurant at 37 Washington.
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Il Porto is the new restaurant at 37 Washington between Park and Flushing. See its menu.

Chef Mario and Manager Andrew Chew .

From left to right: Guest and bartenders Brandon, Joel and Curtis.

Rushing to my day job. I’ll upload more pictures and add commentary later.

So it’s early august and Il Porto, the forthcoming restaurant at 37 Washington, hasn’t opened yet. I think the owners are now shooting for mid-august, between the 12th and the 15th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Opening a restaurant is no small feat and we want something good. For consolation, here’s a preview of the menu:




Update 8/14: Il Porto Opening Party

The new Italian restaurant at 37 Washington Ave, corner of Flushing, will open in early August. Italian comfort classics which most people expect (brick oven pizza, parmigiana, lasagna) will be on the menu but there will also be picks that expand the palate. A preliminary look at a preliminary menu shows reasonable prices.

Andrew Chew who managed Il Torchio through its opening and for most of its run has had a hand at creating the menu and will manage the new eatery. Chef Mario, one of Il Torchio’s former chefs, has also joined the venture. More soon.

Looks like there is a police investigation on that block this morning.
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This story could be seen as a feel good hilarious treat by some … and a piece of crap by others.

(Sadly the Brooklyn Paper’s videos can’t be embedded, so you’ll actually have to click on the link.)

6:3O pm

Brown Memorial Church

484 Washington Ave at Gates Ave

Organized by Councilwoman Tish James

Karaoke night at the Five Spot on Myrtle and Washington has peppered my thursday night myrtle shuffle for the past year. Though I haven’t been a regular, I’ve sung Purple Rain on that stage and to the degree that I was going to the Five Spot, that was the night to do it. This Thursday I expected more good times with friends I hadn’t seen in a while (including the one who coined the phrase “myrtle shuffle”). We found out unfortunately that there is now a $5 cover charge. We were told at the door that there would be karaoke but the karaoke man has apparently been axed. The crowd was as motley and unique as a myrtle crowd can be: hipsters, Pratt freshmen girls eager to sing “Like a Virgin”, homies from Walt Whitman. The $1 PBRs were still there. That and the signature raucus live band. But Karaoke night is no more. No more voluminous catalogs from which to choose unforgettable singalong oldies, no more lyrics screen. Just when I thought I had (almost) everything I need on the strip, I have to travel to Park Slope or to Korea Town in Manhattan when I feel like singing.