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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Yes, Polish Bar of Brooklyn’s new cosmetics line. Polish Bar of Brooklyn is the nails and makeup place on Myrtle, near Hall.

Certainly not our first line of beauty products (would Karen’s Body Beautiful hold that distinction?) but definitely our first (and only) actual makeup line. (Full disclosure: I go to PBB all the time and live in the same building as its owner. I also own a blissful tube of their Joy lip gloss and the ladies at PBB taught me how to apply it and the rest of the unused makeup I have owned for years.)

I don’t think I envisioned when I moved to this neighborhood some time ago that I would one day buy my favorite lip gloss from its creator two blocks from my home.

Surprise, surprise…

Catsimitadis: I was just joking about affordable housing

This story could be seen as a feel good hilarious treat by some … and a piece of crap by others.

(Sadly the Brooklyn Paper’s videos can’t be embedded, so you’ll actually have to click on the link.)

20 Grand Avenue, last saturday night. Tattoos on models, tattoos on the bartender, tattoos on canvas, tattoos on screen and … lots of Pratt students.

Some memories of my Cinco de Mayo on Myrtle this year. My friend C. and I thought, what better place to have a Cinco de Mayo lunch than Castro’s on Myrtle between Ryerson and Classon? The place may look like a hole in the wall from the outside but its hidden charm is its colorful backyard which is best enjoyed at this time of year and manages to transport you South and West before you can say margarita. C. had the quesadilla and I had the chicken with pipian sauce which tasted like a cilantro-y curry.

Someone alleges in a letter to the New York Times that there is no supermarket in Fort Greene. What planet is this person living in? If the Pathmark at Atlantic Center and the Associated on Myrtle and Ryerson to name a few aren’t supermarkets, I’m not sure what is. If you read the full letter though you’ll see that the author is an apologist for development that is currently controversial in the neighborhood. But why lie for that cause?

Chez Lola is the restaurant at 387 Myrtle Avenue. My friend C. works there and I love to stop by during her shift for cafe au lait and a mimosa. The place is well adorned with huge paintings by the owner Charlotta.