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[where: Chez Lola, 387 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]

Councilwoman Tish James spoke earlier followed by the collapse residents. They expressed needing immediate items like bedding and t-shirts. One man talked about having two t-shirts since the disaster. Ppl were free to donate discrete items in lieu or in addition to cash.
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Charlotta Janssen, founder of the Great Wall of Brooklyn, explains that 4 artists will be displayed a year and community residents will get to vote them in at a community meeting.
[where: Chez Lola, 387 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]
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The Great Wall of Brooklyn people asked me to share this with you:

April 24, 2009

*Launch of the Great Wall of Brooklyn in Fort Greene, Brooklyn (Saturday,
May 9th).*
Bad Timing. So What?  There is never a bad time for great art.
Yes, we know all about the economic crisis.  Many people are surprised to
hear our ambitions about starting a new arts organization in the present
climate.  But, great art can, and will, flourish in difficult times.*

And so, we present our highly anticipated launch project:

*”Achtung Baby… Here Comes the Next Great Depression”*
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max power bloody mary

On June 14, our neighbor Max Power organized a Bloody Mary contest at Rope. Participating Myrtle Avenue establishments were: Maggie Brown, Chez Lola, Pillow Cafe and Luz.

I missed it and I’m sure many of you did. Apparently Maggie Brown’s Bloody Mary prevailed, beating the runner up by a few votes.

On September 13, Max Power strikes again with a Bloody Battle at Pillow, the cafe at 505 Myrtle. This time, Dekalb Avenue bloody maries come to Myrtle. Participating contestants include Rustik and the Alibi. A more complete list is a-coming. Save the date.

[where: 505 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205]

Chez Lola is the restaurant at 387 Myrtle Avenue. My friend C. works there and I love to stop by during her shift for cafe au lait and a mimosa. The place is well adorned with huge paintings by the owner Charlotta.