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Am pretty sure that is Spike Lee’s half brother Arnold Lee with the ‘fro. Oh and sure enough the band leader just confirmed that.

Update: Sorry the picture’s so fuzzy. I am taking these mobile pics with my phone and I guess the lens needs cleaning?

[where: Fort Greene Park, corner of Dekalb and Washington Place?, Brooklyn 11205]
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Looks like Tish James wants to hear from those concerned about soccer in the Park. She has just posted about the issue, stating her (murky) position and clearly looking for some direction. Now is the time to let her know what you think. Don’t forget, she works for you.

The soccer saga continues.

The latest is here:

My position is best summarized by the many comments I’ve made here:

If you think soccer should stay in the park, please let Tish James and the Comish know that a ban is not a compromise. No soccer at all means a few stakeholders in the Park get their way at the expense of others.

The best outcome is a win-win outcome and those who want to play soccer should get to do that some of the time.


Tish James’ info is here at her City Council page:

Commissioner Julius Spiegel:

A soccer controversy is emerging and Fort Greene park is the stage.

Sigh. I am with the Parks Commissioner on this one.

Can those with a backyard let those without a backyard enjoy some open space? And if the concern is the grass, can a patch of the park be reserved for soccer playing since there aren’t soccer fields on every other school yard?  This neighborhood is full of people who come from countries where baseball, football and basketball are not the national sport.  South Africa and Zimbabwe (go hang at Madiba), Australia (go hang at Smooch), France (go hang at Chez Oskar), Ireland (ask the boys at Alibi), Latin-America and the Caribbean (do I really need to name the spots?),  Britain etc.  Should that factor into the analysis as well?

This neighborhood is also full of people whose main concern is not that their property values will dissipate with the greenness of the grass in the park.  Fort Greene park is our communal back yard and we ALL should get to share it.

(I swear it is by complete happenstance that the offending post is coming from the paper dinosaur’s FGCH blog. I SWEAR.)

[where: 11205, 11238]

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