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[where: Chez Lola, 387 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]

Councilwoman Tish James spoke earlier followed by the collapse residents. They expressed needing immediate items like bedding and t-shirts. One man talked about having two t-shirts since the disaster. Ppl were free to donate discrete items in lieu or in addition to cash.
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[Where: Obama Grocery Store, 411 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn 11205 ]

While hanging out at the Myrtle collapse fundraiser today, someone pointed out this future spot to me.
Is this a bit much? Calls to mind the Obama Fried Chicken that the community in Flatbush protested. Curious to see how Clinton Hill will take this… Personally, I find the use of Obama’s likeness for purely commercial purposes opportunistic and unsettling.

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My gleeful contributions to the much welcome #unfollowdiddy trend that seems to have swept Twitter overnight:

Can’t wait for #unfollow50cent, #unfollowDr.Dre and while we’re at it #unfollowgangstarappers!

A good case for why it’s worth fighting for Fort Greene/Clinton Hill’s mixed and integrated identity. (Made by a Brooklynite, Nate Silver, to boot.)


Neighbor and MS reader M-J sent me this picture of the Pratt Rat at yesterday’s union rally.

For more, go to In short, LIUNA Local 79 is trying to unionize the process of building 524 Myrtle.

I may have video footage later.

[where: Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]
[where: 524 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]

Check out the Pratt rat’s website.
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[where: Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205]

Looks like Tish James wants to hear from those concerned about soccer in the Park. She has just posted about the issue, stating her (murky) position and clearly looking for some direction. Now is the time to let her know what you think. Don’t forget, she works for you.

The soccer saga continues.

The latest is here:

My position is best summarized by the many comments I’ve made here:

If you think soccer should stay in the park, please let Tish James and the Comish know that a ban is not a compromise. No soccer at all means a few stakeholders in the Park get their way at the expense of others.

The best outcome is a win-win outcome and those who want to play soccer should get to do that some of the time.


Tish James’ info is here at her City Council page:

Commissioner Julius Spiegel: