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A friend of mine who used to work at Il Torchio (now Anima), calls my practice of hopping from spot to spot when I come back from a long day’s work in Manhattan “the Myrtle Shuffle”. A beer here, a burger there but lots of love everywhere.

I’ve lived in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill 11 years but moved to Myrtle 4 years ago. Two summers ago, I watched a critical mass of restaurants and businesses pile onto the avenue. Now my friends have a hard time peeling me off of what was once “Murder Avenue”.

The wider playground is all of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill.


  1. Hey Myrtle Shuffle,

    Just wanted to let you and your readers know about a great neighborhood event coming up:

    Theatre for a New Audience is building a new theatre in the BAM Cultural District – so excited to move to Brooklyn! We’re throwing a party to raise money and meet our new neighbors. DJ, amazing view of Brooklyn, food by a local restaurant (Korhogo 126), and a gallery of art by local artists.

    We hope you’ll help us spread the word!

    When: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 6:30pm – 10pm

    Where: Roof Deck of The Forté Condos, Fulton Street and Ashland Place, Brooklyn

    What: DJ, Open Bar, French/West African BBQ & Other Delicious Dishes, Brooklyn Artists’ Gallery featuring Live, Interactive Mural Drawing by Mary Klein

    How Much? Basic: $50, Because You Can: $75

    More Information:

    Thank you!
    Elizabeth Carena
    Capital Associate
    Theatre for a New Audience
    212-229-2819 x25


    The second edition of PLENTY: The Ultimate Guide to Life & Leisure in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene (RedMEDIA), by Jelani Bandele, is scheduled for release in June 2010.

    The community guide, featuring listings of brick & mortar and home-based businesses, houses of worship community organizations, restaurants, bars, web sites, Wi-Fi locations, elected officials, history, ongoing events and more, proved to be a valuable resource for area residents, employees and visitors when first published in 2003. In addition to listings, Plenty will also include neighborhood history and profiles. In keeping with the theme of green, Plenty will be printed on-demand.

    Community residents, businesses, organizations, employees and visitors may join the Plenty Community on Facebook, subscribe to the Plenty blog and follow Plenty on Twitter. Mobile movers and shakers who wish to become fans on Facebook may text “fan PUGchfg” to FBOOK (32665) from their mobile phones, to be added as fans instantly.

  3. Hey all in Myrtle Ave/Fort Green/Clinton Hill area….

    The Fort Green Preperatory Acadamy at 100 Clermont Ave., is looking for sponsors for an Organic Garden they
    are installing.

    Supplies are needed/cash is needed/ support is needed.

    If you would like to help, please reply to
    or contact Dan Strauss or Saranii Muller at the school…..

    Thank you so much…
    Ron Muller

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