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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Neighbor and MS reader M-J sent me this picture of the Pratt Rat at yesterday’s union rally.

For more, go to In short, LIUNA Local 79 is trying to unionize the process of building 524 Myrtle.

I may have video footage later.

[where: Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]
[where: 524 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]

[Where: 264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn 11205 ]
The shade in front of Smooch is what summer afternoons in Ft. Greene is all about!

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This Smooch barista plans to fill this jar with goodies over time. Not to be confused of course with The Aquarium of Abundance, Smooch’s tip jar.

[where: 264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn 11205 ]
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[where: Habana Outpost, 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 11217]

Three fellow FGCH twitterers (@illliterate @museumnerd and @andyjacob)  kept me abreast of the happenings at Habana Outpost last night without my even asking! Talk about organic neighborhood watching.

I am cut and pasting their updates:

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I’ve been meaning to post Basquali’s priceless description of Smooch in the 2009 Spring and Summer edition of the BrooklynNow Guide. It goes like this:

The coffe’s bitter, the food’s bland, the wine’s sour, the beer’s flat, the service sucks, the staff couldn’t care less, and ambience doesn’t exist, but our customers are adorably cute and deliciously sexy, and that’s all that really matters. Open daily 8am-1am

Love it!

[where: Smooch, 264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205]

I did the former but Pillow did the latter. It’s hot.

[where: Pillow, 505 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]
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Check out the Pratt rat’s website.
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[where: Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205]

[Where: 264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]

Smooch’s makeover doesn’t end with the new white furniture and bathroom walls. Basquali has revamped the menu or at least the titles on it. I know this is the first you’re hearing of the “Let’s Be Nice To Everyone Except The Assholes Who’ve Trashed Us On Yelp” Sandwich Of Harmony! It’s Basquali’s unique brand of zen talking and the vibe is every bit as soothing and the people every bit as sexy as he claimed in that Brooklyn restaurant guide.
As for me I’m going for the good ole’ Everybody Loves The Sunshine Burger. It’s a fave and as honestly as Basquali hates the Yelp haters, I love sunshine and veggie burgers rolled into one.
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Looks like Tish James wants to hear from those concerned about soccer in the Park. She has just posted about the issue, stating her (murky) position and clearly looking for some direction. Now is the time to let her know what you think. Don’t forget, she works for you.

Yup. I’m in a Loulou phase. I totally underestimated this place.

Tonight they have an extended prix fixe, a delightful waitress and great dinner/mood music. Just what I needed to unwind from my hectic day. It’s also off the beaten path and cozy.

I am so happy I followed @chfbrian‘s recommendation and tried the scallop crepe.

Oh and did I mention their address is a quaint 222 Dekalb?

[where: Loulou, 222 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, 11205 ]
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