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Just received this in the comments section:


The second edition of PLENTY: The Ultimate Guide to Life & Leisure in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene (RedMEDIA), by Jelani Bandele, is scheduled for release in June 2010.

The community guide, featuring listings of brick & mortar and home-based businesses, houses of worship community organizations, restaurants, bars, web sites, Wi-Fi locations, elected officials, history, ongoing events and more, proved to be a valuable resource for area residents, employees and visitors when first published in 2003. In addition to listings, Plenty will also include neighborhood history and profiles. In keeping with the theme of green, Plenty will be printed on-demand.

Community residents, businesses, organizations, employees and visitors may join the Plenty Community on Facebook, subscribe to the Plenty blog and follow Plenty on Twitter. Mobile movers and shakers who wish to become fans on Facebook may text “fan PUGchfg” to FBOOK (32665) from their mobile phones, to be added as fans instantly.
Plenty: The Ultimate

[Where: Brooklyn Flea, Vanderbilt Ave & Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn 11205]

I’ve never been a cheerleader of the flea. But that may have changed today. Maybe the difference is that I actually needed something specific (some work-appropriate jewelry) but I also think the endeavour finally fits in with Fort Greene.  The deejay playing everything from Michael Jackson to Fela Kuti to British House may or may not have contributed to that. And then there were these unexpected treats:

  • Cocoa and Agave together i.e. “good for you chocolate” – Sadly I can’t remember the dark chocolate merchant’s name who sold me the cocoa ice cream. Got a rich cocoa ice at the Fine & Raw Chocolate booth. I was enchanted to recognize the wrapper of the chocolate bars on the table as I bought some at Choice Greene last sunday. Both the “ice cream” (which is dairyless) and the chocolate bars are made with agave syrup and 70 to 80% cocoa.
  • McClure’s pickles – Not something I set out to get. But the merchant sought me out and was quite charming. He explained that the pickle company employed three people: him in NY and the owner’s parents in Detroit. There were dill pickles and hot (capsaicin) pickles. There was also a lovely grainy mustard. So fresh. Sulfite free. I was in heaven. Now in my fridge, the pickles are irrestible and I’m eating them as snacks.
  • Oh and I should mention I tasted some excellent ricotta from Salvatore, a ricotta maker which sells to restaurants but not yet to stores. They were serving it on bruschetta with prosciutto and in canolis. Yum. The name will come back to me eventually.
  • Bracelets made out of old records – Didn’t get to buy any but may end up going back for these.

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[where: Madiba, 195 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, 11205]

And shouldn’t a vegan place have one or two all veggie dishes?

[where: Red Bamboo, 271 adelphi st, Brooklyn 11205 ]
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[Where: Stonehome Wine Bar, 87 Lafayette, 11205 ]

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[where: BAM, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn 11217]

This is too good to be true. And the music? Why Bob Marley of course.
With all the hoopla about the proposed business district, it’s a wonder merchants are allowed to line up on the fulton sidewalk…
[where: Fulton and S Portland, Brooklyn 11237 ]
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Am pretty sure that is Spike Lee’s half brother Arnold Lee with the ‘fro. Oh and sure enough the band leader just confirmed that.

Update: Sorry the picture’s so fuzzy. I am taking these mobile pics with my phone and I guess the lens needs cleaning?

[where: Fort Greene Park, corner of Dekalb and Washington Place?, Brooklyn 11205]
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My gleeful contributions to the much welcome #unfollowdiddy trend that seems to have swept Twitter overnight:

Can’t wait for #unfollow50cent, #unfollowDr.Dre and while we’re at it #unfollowgangstarappers!

A tradition he’s kept alive for the 15 years he’s been on Fulton.
[where: Moshood, 698 Fulton St, brooklyn 11237]
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