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[where: sushiD, 207 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]
[where: Brooklyn BlogFest, powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201]
[where: Rope, 415 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]

That was the day I rediscovered SushiD after a hellish workday. I’d neglected it lately for Yamashiro on Myrtle. Their brown rice Dragon Roll was yummy.

During that meal, this tweet struck my attention:

After dinner, I met @illliterate at Rope during my “I’ve had a long day at work and need to unwind in the hood” Myrtle Shuffle. I chatted with him and his buddy Alex for a while.

(You guessed it, the typos generated while tweeting under the influence can’t be undone.)


That was the day I went back to SushiD after a long day’s work, remembering how soothing the warm towelette, edamame and green tea had been two nights prior.

During that dinner I tweeted a bunch with @andylocal of the Times’ The Local Blog and we ended up talking on the phone about his Twitter baptism of fire, and about this:

Tweet us if you’re there tonight!

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