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The Great Wall of Brooklyn people asked me to share this with you:

April 24, 2009

*Launch of the Great Wall of Brooklyn in Fort Greene, Brooklyn (Saturday,
May 9th).*
Bad Timing. So What?  There is never a bad time for great art.
Yes, we know all about the economic crisis.  Many people are surprised to
hear our ambitions about starting a new arts organization in the present
climate.  But, great art can, and will, flourish in difficult times.*

And so, we present our highly anticipated launch project:

*”Achtung Baby… Here Comes the Next Great Depression”*

Our launch project is a mural by Charlotta Janssen, the founder of the
Great Wall of Brooklyn. This self-funded project will be utilized to
community awareness about The Great Wall, and to build partnerships for
presentation of new and exciting quarterly projects with local and
international artists.

Charlotta Janssen is presenting a new work, “Achtung Baby… Here Comes
Next Great Depression,” originally developed as a painting, and
into a digital mural, for the Great Wall.

Janssen’s current work re-imagines discarded and archival images of poor
and working class Americans, taken before, during and after the Great
Depression. While at once cautionary, her images attempt to celebrate
the individual dignity and group solidarity of her subjects. Furthermore,
drawn to the tension between the stoic formality of the age, as expressed
through uniforms, suits, dresses, hats, machines, architecture, etc, and
piercing drama of facial expressions, she seeks to create images that are
both humanistic and abstracted (

*The launch event will be open to the community on Saturday May 9th,

The Great Wall of Brooklyn will also be participating in the 10th Annual
South Of the Navy Yard Artists (SONYA) Studio Stroll on May 16-17,

The Great Wall of Brooklyn is an independent artist-run public art
organization that will be launched in the historic Fort Greene
in May 2009. It will feature the work of Brooklyn-based and international
artists. Located on the side of a high-visibility four-story building at
corner of Myrtle and Vanderbilt Avenues (according to Department of
Transportation statistics, over 16,000 vehicles are exposed to The Great
Wall via this intersection daily). The Great Wall introduces large-scale
made in Brooklyn to the community each quarter.

Commissioned and curated artworks by either individual artists or
collectives will interpret and reflect the surrounding locale. Works will
range from video projections to paintings and from sculptures to light
installations. The mission of this project is to enhance Fort Greene’s
commercial district with an ongoing and enlivening dialogue between
local audiences and public spaces. Addressing the aspirations, social
challenges and diversity of Fort Greene, the Great Wall of Brooklyn aims
promote and inspire unexpected encounters in the community where many
artists create and develop their work.

For more details, please contact Shelly Bahl at: or 646 290 7253.

Great Wall of Brooklyn
387 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205]


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