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Neighbor and MS reader M-J sent me this picture of the Pratt Rat at yesterday’s union rally.

For more, go to In short, LIUNA Local 79 is trying to unionize the process of building 524 Myrtle.

I may have video footage later.

[where: Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]
[where: 524 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, 11205]


  1. Who’s the rat? Pratt’s the Rat!

    I would love to see the video, I was one of the chanters at the rally, it wasn’t just LIUNA, there were members of all of the Building Trades and we were greeted by a nice group of professors and other workers at Pratt who stood in solidarity with us. The people were with us too. I’m so glad you got a picture online, I was searching one out. The story is also on Workers Independent News nationally : Audio (starts at 1:54) and will appear on 1010 Wins AM radio in a truncated form tomorrow.

    Nice work Myrtle Shuffle, send me an e-mail (link on my site) and I’ll make sure you get notified when we will be back en mass. Hit the Italian/Mexican restaurant that was across from the Spanish/Chinese joint LOL, They like blending things around CH, maybe next time I’ll hunt down a Polish/Thai restaurant.

  2. Thanks!

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