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Daily Archives: April 22nd, 2009

[Where: 264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]

Smooch’s makeover doesn’t end with the new white furniture and bathroom walls. Basquali has revamped the menu or at least the titles on it. I know this is the first you’re hearing of the “Let’s Be Nice To Everyone Except The Assholes Who’ve Trashed Us On Yelp” Sandwich Of Harmony! It’s Basquali’s unique brand of zen talking and the vibe is every bit as soothing and the people every bit as sexy as he claimed in that Brooklyn restaurant guide.
As for me I’m going for the good ole’ Everybody Loves The Sunshine Burger. It’s a fave and as honestly as Basquali hates the Yelp haters, I love sunshine and veggie burgers rolled into one.
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Looks like Tish James wants to hear from those concerned about soccer in the Park. She has just posted about the issue, stating her (murky) position and clearly looking for some direction. Now is the time to let her know what you think. Don’t forget, she works for you.