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[Where: 438 Myrtle ave, Brooklyn NY 11205 ]
Though announcements were made several months ago, now that this place is almost ready to open, one must ask: couldn’t this place have been Vietnamese instead of Thai? It’s going to be competing with Myrtle Thai, Thai 101 and Manee Thai, all within a 5-7 block radius.
Update: This is Myrtle Thai moving down the block. (Thanks to all of the commenters who chimed in!)

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  1. um…this IS myrtle thai. it’s moving down the block.

  2. Seriously. A year living on Myrtle has put me off takeout Thai for probably the rest of my life. Not that any of these places are bad, per se.

  3. Lane, good to know.

  4. this is myrtle thai moving down a block. all you had to do was read the sign on myrtle thai to know this.

  5. Yes, same place, better signage. I quite like the new banners!

  6. Please all note that I have updated the post. Thanks for the clarification.

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