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Crown Heights Blog quoted our recent post about the new NY Times Fort Greene Blog.

For the Crown Heights Blog article, click here.

Crown Heights Blog agreed with our assessment that the NY Times FGCH Blog essentially paints Fort Greene as another Park Slope. In passing, that may or may not be a coincidence, since the lead blogger there, Andrew Newman, apparently lives … well, in Park Slope!

And we agree with Crown Heights‘ assessment that the paper dinosaur’s foray into local blogging could have been much more useful in Brownsville, where the local blogosphere is just not as saturated as Fort Greene’s, FGCH being one of the most blogged ‘hoods in the country. But ahem, Brownsville is not the latest haven of what the Times itself calls nouveaux riches.

For now the Paper Dinosaur is in our midst and we hope that as Andrew gets to know the neighborhood, the blog will grow on us. They linked to MyrtleShuffle’s Obamination series yesterday, BTW.

[where: 11205, 11238]


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