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Fort Greene bloggers: the Corcoran of media is upon us…

Now that the New York Times’s print sales are officially dismal and that Twitter backer and billionaire web entrepreneur Marc Andreessen recommended that they “kill the print edition”, the paper giant has decided to start competing with local bloggers. Here is the FG/CH version.

My gut reaction is the same as local tweeter eesemege’s: “I feel watched”.

The first couple of posts have been … odd and kind of one-dimensional. I’m seeing lots of things on there that have been beaten to death by local papers. And to read the posts, you’d think Fort Greene/Clinton Hill = Park Slope i.e. brownstoners and the stroller brigade. Puh-leeze.

Let’s see how things shape up and let’s see if they decide to work with/link to local bloggers who have been doing this out of our love for this place. To be continued.

Oh I’m putting this in the FREE category because I don’t want it to cost us. All depends of what they/(we?) make of it.

I see they have an inbox system. Maybe I’ll suggest they do something on local bloggers?

[where: 11205]


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