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It’s one thing for Ed Towns to have endorsed Hillary in the primary when his district was one of three in the state to go for Obama. After all, most NY state politicians did the same and Hill won by a landslide.

It’s quite another however for Towns to go as far as to use a picture of Barack Obama in his election eve mailer with the heading: “Ed Towns and Barack Obama, the team we need in Washington”.

Towns is a 13-term incumbent who failed to get the endorsement of CBID, the progressive political club par excellence in Brooklyn. To someone who does not follow politics, the flyer may even look like Towns received Barack’s endorsement. Meanwhile Towns’ insurgent opponent Kevin Powell endorsed Obama very early in the primary.

Shame on Ed Towns for having so little political backbone! I think our district deserves a change whether now or in the future.

(The congressional election as well as a bevy of local elections is today Sept. 9. And for those who don’t know. Ed Towns represents our district in Congress.)
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  1. Who would you suggest Ed Towns put on his mailers, McCain? Obama is the Dem Candidate. Folks can’t win for losing with Obamaniacs. If they don’t endorse Obama because they were once Hilary supporters, they betray the party. If they choose to endorse Obama, they are using Obama. How about with all of Ed Towns’ controversy for holding out for Hilary while his district wanted Obama, he has been around for much longer than Obama. Obamaites need to humble themselves and stop carrying on because NObama needs the morsel crumb votes he can get from anywhere. McCain/Palin are killing NObama and Biden right now in the latest polls. His lead is tightening up. He, and the rest of yall, ought to be kind to Hilary and hope she goes into those key states that McCain is carrying and sways her supporters and the undecided to come Obama’s way. If not, we’ll be watching Barbie and the man who will use his POW for ever be sworn into office.

  2. And yet, Obama has not endorsed Kevin Powell, for all his early support. Also, on the above, I don’t think there is anything to suggest an endorsement. They are not even the same photo!

  3. Shame on Ed Towns? Shame on you for being an idiot. The entire NY delegation endorsed Hillary because she was a part of their delegation, plain and simple. It is really bad politics to piss off someone who helps represent your interest in Senate. The entire NY delegation endorsed Hillary before Obama was thought of as possibly winning. I know many members of the delegation wish they could have switched their endorsement, but they didn’t want their district to suffer from a vindictive Senator.

    And putting him on the same flier? Who cares. If Powell had raised any money he would be doing the same thing.

    Be realistic, seriously.

  4. I make it very clear in the post that there are some politically expedient reasons why Towns might have endorsed Hillary.

    Pimping Barack’s image the day before election day is another matter altogether. Even Walter Mosley who was a delegate for Barack does not have a picture of barack on the mailers I received from him.

    I know Towns is doing what most politicians do but unfortunately for him this is as ugly and transparent as it gets.

    Hillary is still the New York Senator and Towns is going to have to work with her too. Why not have her picture on the mailer as well?

    My point in the post is that re-electing Ed Towns is re-electing more of the same. If someone is going to represent my interests in Washington, then I would hope they have at least *some* courage.

  5. You know Alice B, you – YOU – are the only reason that Democrats may lost this Fall. All you spiteful, petty, insignificant arm-chair Pontius Pilates.

    Okay, guess what? Yes, just like just about everyone else in the NY delegation, Ed Towns – a NY Congressman – backed Hillary Clinton – a NY Senator – for President. Well, la-di-da, that’s a real news flash!

    It is called competition, alright? When Bill Clinton was President, he was very good to Ed Towns and Brooklyn. And like it or not, but there is an honor in standing by the people who stand by you.

    Now flash forward. Yes, Barack Obama won, and right after started preaching unity and the need for Democrats to come together. Maybe you are not sensible enough to realize that it’s easier to split the Democratic base over wedge issues than to crush a diamond with a hammer. The Republicans, meanwhile, are easy to motivate: just preach guns, God, and no Abortions, and voila!

    The last, last, LAST thing the Democratic party should be tolerating is Judas’s like you and Kevin Powell, sitting there in judgment over who supported Obama, and when. Ed Towns backed the wrong hores, he lost it, and now he’s ready to back the PARTY’S NOMINEE!! Check that again: Barack is not your nominee, he is not Kevin Powell’s nominee. He is the PARTY’S NOMINEE, and last time I checked, Ed Towns was still, STILL a formidable and respected member of the party, right?

    See, Democrats have always had their sh*t broken up and thwarted by one of two things: Republicans pushing wedge issues, or Democratic in-fighting.

    So, back to Towns. He backed Hillary, she lost fairly, she released her delegates, and just like over 10m other Americans, he should be welcomed back into the fold for the bigger mission of defeating the GOP.

    Oh, wait, but NOOOOOOOOOOO! No, we cannot allow that.

    Hell, Kevin Powell has run his entire inept, sham-of-a-campaign pointing out how Ed Towns is out of touch for backing Hillary. So much for forgiveness and redemption. And now, here you are calling him out too. And for what? For putting flyers out there pushing Obama and him?

    Shame on you. Shame on you and your petty, naive little world-view. Clearly the Democrats haven’t learned their lesson, because people like you are poison.

    You and Kevin Powell can screw off. And for that, if Obama does lose this fall, just remember it’s because of the crap you are peddling for personal gain right now. Go ahead, attack Towns for his policies, his votes, for not bringing enough to the 10th

    But indict Towns for now wanting to back Obama.

    Damn you for that. Damn you, Judas, and thanks for nothing.

  6. How is a primary within the party organized by the party “infighting”? Republicans hold primaries too and during those primaries, candidates compete for the open seat.

    I don’t understand why you’re so emotional about this issue.

    If Ed Towns was so good on the issues, I am sure he would have received CBID’s endorsement. Instead, his opponent did. And if he was so proud of his record, why did he refuse to debate Powell?

    Here is how CBID explained their endorsement:

    “Congressional challenger Kevin Powell received the endorsement of CBID — 83% of the votes — over 25-year incumbent Edolphus Towns (10th Congressional District). CBID members were very impressed with Powell’s compelling presentation, his knowledge of federal issues, and a thoughtfully-prepared questionnaire. Powell focused on Towns’ history of missed votes and questioned the true value of House seniority when alleged benefits are elusive to many residents of the Congressional district. Powell, an early supporter of Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential candidacy, made reference to but did not focus on Congressman Towns’ ongoing support of Senator Clinton. Towns neither submitted a questionnaire nor appeared at the meeting.”

  7. Probably because Powell didn’t have one single, concrete plan to debate until – oh yeah – 3 days before the primary!! Maybe if Powell was serious about offering serious solutions, he would have published his 58-page plan-for-everything weeks or months ago. That way Towns could have had an actual Debate with Powell over his plans, as opposed to being expected to stand there and have Powell simply second-guess and challenge 25 years of House votes.

    But then again, what was a better way to get press. Offer no concrete ideas, and complain that your opponent doesn’t want to debate air. Or offer ideas early and have to grow a spine to defend them against your opponent?

    You wanna talk about transparent?! How about a candidate who publishes a 58-page anti-Israel policy “plan” on the JEWISH SABBATH when a significant population of voters cannot even use the internet to download it and read it?!?! For a whole day, when you only have 3 days to review it?!?!?

    Talk about a joke. A voter like you deserves a conniving, underhanded candidate like Kevin Powell.

    Thanks, way to avoid the facts though with a red herring over CBID. Fact is, you tried to be big political commentator by attacking Ed Towns for backing Obama.

    And again, you’ve chosen to show the worst, most petty side of Democratic politics. So instead of you challenging Towns, you let CBID do the thinking for you.

    What a disgrace, Judas. Hopefully Obama will lose, just for people like you and Towns, because it’s more important for you and Powell to be right, rather than for the party to be inclusive.

  8. Minor correction …

    “What a disgrace, Judas. Hopefully Obama will lose, just for people like you and POWELL, because it’s more important for you and Powell to be right, rather than for the party to be inclusive.”

  9. Way to go Alic B, despite your sad, sad attempts to belittle a Hillary-cum-Obama supporter …

    67, 33? Next time, at least try backing a winner.

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