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We already knew this was coming but this just in from Max Power:

You Are Invited To A BLOODY BATTLE!

WHEN: Saturday September 13th voting begins at 4pm ends at 9pm. Stop by just to vote or party all night! Winners will be posted for those who are unable to stay ’til the end.

WHERE: Pillow Cafe – 505 Myrtle Ave between Ryerson and Grand, Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Subways: C or G to Clinton/Washington

WHO: Max Power VS Dekalb Ave
-Chez Oscar

WHAT: A bloody mary contest with a winner determined via a blind popular vote. Mixes are labeled A-F. The voting populace purchases a “Flight” of Bloodies, voting on their favorite mix without knowing the bloody identity. Each constituent turns in their ballot for a discount on the first order of their favorite mix. We calculate votes and number of each bloody sold to determine the winner. We announce the winner and which mix is whose after voting ends. It will also be posted afterwards for those who have to leave before voting ends. In case of a tie there is a special judges panel.

WHY: An ongoing battle to find the best bloody in Brooklyn! (aka The World!!) The Brooklyn Battle will culminate with all winners from each neighborhood competing for the Brooklyn Bloody Crown. Then it’s on to Manhattan… with a brief stop in Costa Rica.

Q: How did the Bloody Battle start?
A: The first one started as a joke after months of shit talking amongst the bartenders on myrtle. I decided to have a throw down to prove I was the best. I came in 2nd by one vote – but I blame it on a chad!
Q: When will the Bloody Battles end?
A: Do you know how many places in the world make Bloody Mary’s?
Q: How come you, Max Power, get to compete in each battle after not winning the first?
A: This seems like a really stupid question but people ask me all the time. The answer is simple really; it’s my Battle and I can do what I want. Next Question!
Q: Likes?
A: Gouda
Q: Dislikes?
A: Non-pasteurized Gouda. Thank you, no more questions…

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