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Am I the only Fort Greene/Clinton Hill-ite who feels a bit wigged out by all the film shoots taking place in the neighborhood these days?

I have walked past two or three of those on my way to work in the last three weeks, the latest occurrence being yesterday morning. And Bud Light is saving the best for last, planning not one but two film sets in the days to come. The inconvenience is mostly psychological to be fair but the increasing attention and scrutiny (cf Flea market debacle monitored by the likes of the Daily News and the New York Times) is slightly unsettling.

Did Fort Greene/Clinton Hill’s quality of life/neighborhoodyness peak 5 years ago? Two years ago? A year ago I was worried about ParkSlopization. Now my concern may be Disneyfication. Or is it zoofication? The every-hour-on-the-hour tourist buses that patrol Dekalb on weekends don’t help. Neither do the three police cars and six cops who handcuffed an admittedly drunk and clueless friend seconds after he peed on a Myrtle Ave. street corner a few weeks ago.

Can we get our obscure, unique, overlooked, under-rated, careless, equally interracial, equally mongrelized — did I say unknown — village back? Despite (or perhaps because of) the reluctance of cabbies in the good ole days,  the hood used to be sexier and cozier. It wasn’t even necessarily more dangerous,  judging from the latest heavily publicized spike in crime.

(Rant over. Back to happy-go-lucky Myrtle shuffling. )


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