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Myrtle avenue bar crawlers often find ourselves tired of Kum Kau or Sapolo (both Chinese greasy forks), when we get hungry past 11pm. Looks like we can now look forward to one more choice: Vesper. I have it on good authority that the bar is considering resuming its recent makeover by adding a kitchen. Yay.

To be fair, the Five Spot has been providing decent bar appetizers (chicken fingers, chicken wings, fried catfish and shrimp etc.) until 2 am on certain nights and I found out the other day that Sputnik on Taaffe and Dekalb offers its delicious burgers, parmesan fries and *salads* until 2 am as well. But Sputnik is a bit of a walk from the Rope-FiveSpot-Vesper bar axis on Myrtle and one isn’t always in the mood for the high bar and narrow layout at the 5Spot. Let’s see what Vesper brings to the selection. Since there is already tons of grease to go around past 11pm, it would be nice if they provided some salads or other lighter snacks. I’m crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.

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